Differential Metabolomics and Network Pharmacology Analysis of Silkworm Biotransformation between Mulberry Leaves and Silkworm Droppings

文献类型: 外文期刊

第一作者: Li, Mingqian

作者: Li, Mingqian;Yu, Zhihong;Chai, Kequn;Zhu, Yongqiang;Chen, Lin;Dai, Yuntao;Li, Jiacheng;Li, Fei;Li, Qun



ISSN: 1741-427X

年卷期: 2021 年 2021 卷


收录情况: SCI

摘要: Silkworm droppings are the product of mulberry leaves digested by silkworm intestines, which are an important medicinal resource in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The contents of total fat, fat acids, crude protein, amino acids, and secondary metabolites of obtained mulberry leaves and silkworm droppings were analyzed by HPLC, GC-MS, and UHPLC-Q-TOF MS. The target genes and enriched pathways related to significantly changed compositions between mulberry leaves and silkworm droppings were analyzed by network pharmacology. High unsaturated C18 : 3 fatty acids were transformed to low unsaturated C18 : 1 from mulberry leaves to silkworm droppings. Only lysine and 17 mini-peptides had significantly higher content in silkworm droppings than in mulberry leaves. There were 36 common target genes or the different compounds between mulberry leaves and silkworm droppings. The main pathways of mulberry leaf were enriched in antivirus and anticancer properties, while the pathways of silkworm droppings were enriched in hormone regulation and signal transduction.


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