Characterization and Genomic Analysis of a Novel Drexlervirial Bacteriophage IME268 with Lytic Activity Against Klebsiella pneumoniae

文献类型: 外文期刊

第一作者: Nazir, Amina

作者: Nazir, Amina;Nazir, Amina;Qing, Hong;Nazir, Amina;Li, Fei;Tong, Yigang;Qi, Chunling;Shi, Na;Gao, Xue;Feng, Qiang;Li, Fei


关键词: Klebsiella pneumoniae; bacteriophage; therapy; lytic; drug resistant

期刊名称:INFECTION AND DRUG RESISTANCE ( 影响因子:4.003; 五年影响因子:4.323 )

ISSN: 1178-6973

年卷期: 2022 年 15 卷


收录情况: SCI

摘要: Introduction: Klebsiella pneumoniae, a multidrug resistant bacterium, that causes nosocomial infections including septicemia, pneumonia etc. Bacteriophages are potential antimicrobial agents for the treatment of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Methods and Results: In this study, a novel bacteriophage IME268 was isolated from hospital sewage against clinical multi-drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. Transmission electron microscopy and genomic characterization of this phage exhibited it belongs to the Webervirus genus, Drexlerviridae family. Phage IME268 possessed a double-stranded DNA genome composed of 49,552bp with a GC content of 50.5%. The phage genome encodes 77 open reading frames, out of 44 are hypothetical proteins while 33 had assigned putative functions. No tRNA, virulence related or antibiotic resistance genes were found in phage genome. Comparative genomic analysis showed that phage IME268 has 95% identity with 87% query cover with other phages in NCBI database. Multiplicity of infection, one step growth curve and host range of phage were also measured. Conclusion: According to findings, Phage IME268 is a promising biological agent that infects Klebsiella pneumoniae and can be used in future phage therapies.


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