Fingerprint construction through genotyping by sequencing for applied breeding in Brassica rapa

文献类型: 外文期刊

第一作者: Li, Guoliang

作者: Li, Guoliang;Yue, Lixin;Cai, Xu;Li, Fei;Zhang, Hui;Zhang, Shujiang;Zhang, Shifan;Sun, Rifei;Yue, Lixin


关键词: Brassica rapa; genotyping by sequencing; single-nucleotide polymorphisms; fingerprinting; F-1 lines; applied breeding

期刊名称:GENOME ( 影响因子:2.166; 五年影响因子:2.474 )

ISSN: 0831-2796

年卷期: 2022 年 65 卷 2 期


收录情况: SCI

摘要: This study evaluated the genotyping by sequencing (GBS) protocol for fingerprinting Brassica rapa, and the data derived were more reliable than the re-sequencing data of B. rapa. Of the 10 enzyme solutions used to analyze the numbers of genotypes and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in B. rapa, five solutions showed better results, namely, A (HaeIII, 450-500 bp), E (RsaI+HaeIII, 500-550 bp), F (RsaI+HaeIII, 500-600 bp), G (RsaI+HaeIII, 'All' fragment), and J (RsaI+EcoRV-HFV (R), 'All' fragment). The five enzyme solutions showed less than 40% similarity in different individuals from various samples, and 90% similarity between two individuals from one sample. The E enzyme solution was the most suitable for fingerprinting B. rapa, revealing well-distributed SNPs in the whole genome. Of the 82 highly inbred lines and 18 F-1 lines of B. rapa sequenced by GBS in the E enzyme solution, known parents of 10 F-1 lines were verified, and male parents were discovered for 8 F-1 lines that had only known female parents. This study provides a valuable method for screening parents for F-1 lines in B. rapa for the efficient evaluation of GBS with varied library construction strategies.


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